Metal 3D Printing Technique

  • Through national R&D projects and in-house research, DE&T R&D center is conducting research and development on DED and PBF type metal 3D printers for metal powder lamination which have large industrial impact.
  • Additive manufacturing which is well known as 3D printing, is a process of manufacturing 3D objects with complex shapes that are difficult to realize through stacking layers of powder, solid and liquid materials such as metals and plastics using digital design data.

DED process
  • Representative methods of outputting metal powders that have high industrial effect are DED(Direct Energy Deposition) method and PBF(Powder Bed Fusion) method.
  • DE&T R&D center is conducting R&D on DED and PBF type metal 3D printers through national R&D projects and in-house research.
Photos:ⓒ TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG
Photos:ⓒ TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG

Laser CFRP Processor

  • CFRP meaning Carbon Composite Material, an abbreviation of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (Plastic), is, compared to metal, has its advanced tensile strength and elastic modulus.
  • With above advantages, it has been variously applied and used for vehicle, airplane, sports (drone or bicycle etc), military and energy industry etc.
  • CFRP, despite weighing lighter than metal and with its toughness and strongness for advantages, is limited for cutting and milling processing due to its raw material features of (Plastic) Polymer, elastic modulus and tensile strength etc.
  • Physical processing applying diamond, wheel and waterjet for CFRP processing in the past was issued as the less-precision, damaged material and cost inflation etc.
  • “Laser CFRP Processor” with HEL to cope with issues above aims at processing the shape or surface of CFRP.
  • Laser CFRP Processor by means of CAD raw data reaches to the precise processing various shapes of CFRP without any damaged material.

[Figure] Laser CFRP Processor

[Figure] CFRP Processing Method

Smart Farm

  • Smart Farm with its application of ICT seeks for its adequate management of crop’s auto-growth environment. (
  • Smart Farm referring to raw data about crop growth environment creates the optimized crop growth, energy and quantity into farm productivity ad QC management.
  • Smart Farm has its main functions as crop growth management, S/W, timely monitoring and auto-growth system etc.
  • Its equipment of DE&T is manufactured for a crop multiple-rotating growth, generally monitoring from its germination to harvest to timely ensure normal growth.
  • Its equipped function auto-controlling lightness, pH, EC, temperature, humidity, CO2, concentration and the provided quantity etc leads to the relatively-shortened harvest time, the wide productivity per unit area and the efficiently optimized special crop.

LED Illumination
  • Combining LED with its multi wavelengths for optimized crop growth offers the customized design of LED Illumination.
  • Adequately applied dust & water proof structure and dimming-circuit fitted on each equipment and environment, it can implement crop growth experiment.

[Figure] Plant growth (general type) LED wavelength concept

[Figure] Typical LED Illumination for Smart Farm