Since DE&T R&D Center was founded, DE&T R&D Center has researched and developed core technologies for inspection-equipment and pre-processing-equipment in the field of FPD and semiconductors. Also, DE&T R&D Center turned the technology into products and supplied in a large number of various equipment to the leading global semiconductor and FPD manufacturers, such as Samsung Electronics, AU Optronics, etc. Therefore, the excellence of DE&T's technology has achieved international recognition. Moreover, DE&T R&D Center makes efforts to accelerate the development of the core technologies of new, next-generation equipment through self-development, national assistant projects(cooperative development between industry and academic organization, manpower training projects, etc.) and overseas technology-transfer projects.

In the field of technology development which is getting left behind with a little carelessness, the researchers of DE&T are striving to develop technology with youth spirit and venture sprit in order to lead the development of core technology for cutting-edge semiconductor and FPD equipments.

R&D achievements

  • Mechanical Engineering & System integration
  • Super Precision UVW Stage
  • Robot Design (Gantry Robot, Cartesian Robot, Horizontal/Vertical Articulated Robot)
  • Motion Control Application System
  • Probe Contact Mechanism & Probe Unit Design
  • Anti-Vibration Table Design
  • Vision System / Machine Control Algorithm / Man Machine Interface (MM)
  • Factory Automation (SECS-1, SECS-2 HSMS, etc)
  • Wafer Micro Inspection / Auto Micro Inspection
  • Parallel Mechanism H/W & S/W
  • Probe Auto Align & Auto Device Change Technology
  • Backlight auto Dimming
  • 7th Generation LCD Panel Handling System

Precision processing control technique

  • DE&T R&D center develops equipments with high quality and high productivity. Also, DE&T R&D center developes precision processing, process control techniques and its own algorithm for optimization of processes.

On-the-Fly process control technique

It is a precision process control technique using On-the-Fly method which is peocessed by interocking scanner-stage. In addition to eliminating discontinuous processing characteristics that can be occured at the boundary of the scan area of existing step-scan method, it is possible to process the shortest route at a constant speed which enables high-quality and high-productivity processing.

Fast and precise panel distortion correction

This technique is used for geometric data that can be occurred by external factors. By correcting the CAD data, it is possible to process at the precise position.

Total process route minimization

This technique is for shortest process route optimization to minimize total process time through the self-developed algorithm.

Metal 3D Printing Technique

  • Through national R&D projects and in-house research, DE&T R&D center is conducting research and development on DED and PBF type metal 3D printers for metal powder lamination which have large industrial impact.
  • Additive manufacturing which is well known as 3D printing, is a process of manufacturing 3D objects with complex shapes that are difficult to realize through stacking layers of powder, solid and liquid materials such as metals and plastics using digital design data.

DED process
  • Representative methods of outputting metal powders that have high industrial effect are DED(Direct Energy Deposition) method and PBF(Powder Bed Fusion) method.
  • DE&T R&D center is conducting R&D on DED and PBF type metal 3D printers through national R&D projects and in-house research.