Dear Valued Greetings!
Since its foundation in 2001, DE&T has been developing in the world's leading semiconductor and display equipment industries based on its advanced technology.

Today, through continuous technology R&D, DE&T has been competing with numorous global top-tier equipment companies after localization of inspection equipments. In addition, all of DE&T employees regard customer satisfaction as a top priority and are constantly pursuing changes to respond not only to the display industry but also to rapidly changing industrial trends. We will faithfully fulfill our role to lead the industrial trend, present direction, and create standards in the new future as a professional leader of equipment maker.

We are constantly preparing for various future industries by developing key process laser equipment and inspection equipment in automotive secondary battery, Micro OLED inspection equipment in display, and smart biofarm equipment in bio field.

DE&T is now at the crossroads of new challenges. We are expanding into new future business by ensuring the stability of our existing business. All of DE&T's employees will continue to develop for the future following our motto, "Explore a new future with belief and passion." We will do our best to create DE&T where customers, shareholders, and all employees can develop together.
Thank you for your warm support and attention to DE&T.

CEO Sung-min BAE