Global No.1 Total Equipment Company

Dear customers,
Thank you for your warm support and attention to DE&T.

DE&T was founded in 2001 to become the "Global No.1 Total Equipment Company" in the fields of semiconductor and display industries. Since then DE&T has led semiconductor and display industries based on advanced technologies.

After localization of inspection equipments, DE&T has competed with numorous global euqipment companies in the world. In addition, all executives and staff members of DE&T set customer satisfactory as a top priority and we are working on the development and production of equipments in the fields of display, semiconductor, IT, and automotive application components industries.

Today, DE&T is facing with new challenges in domestic and global market. We are ensuring internal stability of the existing business and expending new business for the future. Entire management team and employees will fulfill the company’s motto, ‘Let’s challenge for the future with belief and passion’.

We will do our best to make win-win relationship with customers, shareholders, and all executives and staff members of DE&T.

Thank you.

CEO Sung-min BAE