Automation equipment which automatically inserts, assembles and inspects automotive components


  • Junction Box, Relay, Electronic module Assembly Line

Major Equipment

Equipment Features Dimension
Inverter Rotate PCB board 180º 630x500x1500
Vacuum Loader Use vacuum system to supply PCB board to conveyor 900x1200x1000
PCB Cleaner Remove dust on a PCB board before the operation of PCB 800x600x1200
Buffer Conveyor Balance the process time between equipments, Transfer PCB Board 500x500x1000
MBSF Load PCB Board on a cassette, Send out PCB Board to the next process 2800x1500x1500
Laser Marker Mark 2D/3D bar codes on both sides of PCB board 1200x120001500
NG Rack Buffer Load&Keep PCB Board which is fair quality, Send out defected PCB board 900x1000x1200
Gate Conveyor Transfer PCB Board to other equipments 1600x500x1100